FACTLab 2During the summer show Build Your Own (6 June and 31 August) R&I piloted the FACTLab programme, a public-facing transdicipinary research and residency space, designed and developed to work with and for partners in academia and creative industries. During the three months of the exhibition 2300 people visited the space to visit the lab and talk with the resident artists, Ant Hamlyn (Hope University), Radamés Ajna (Brazil) and Thiago Hersan (Brazil) who were working on different projects that addressed the intersection of art, deal technology, research and people. An additional 2500 people came to events like workshops, talks and showcases. This included a training programme in the regular Hack Nights, attended by a group of people that met twice a week to learn computer programming and electronics.

There is a short video to document some of the participants’ opinions about Hack Nights and FACTLab.

Other regular events were the Show and Tell talks; these were informal presentations by visiting and local artists about their practice. The artists that presented during Show and Tell were: Invisible Wind Factory, CHRϴMA, Interspecifics, Ghana Think Tank and Re-Dock

Roger McKinley, Research and Innovation Manager  roger.mckinley@fact.co.uk

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