We know that a diverse workforce makes for a more resilient organisation – and we know that many of our organisations are not sufficiently diverse.  It isn’t just workforce development, it is also diversity built in to content and practice – the Creative Case. Diversity in its broadest sense brings skill, experience and insight –reflecting our environment and the communities we seek to engage is not only ethically important it is good for business.

We don’t need to keep talking about how fundamental it is, we know that.  We need to talk about what we’re going to do about it – and then we need to do it.

Culture Forum North (CFN) with an increasing membership diverse in art form, geography, scale, composition and reach, is well placed to push from conversation to action. In early 2016 an initial provocation paper was presented and on 23 November at BALTIC a small group from the arts and HE got the ball rolling.  The full membership is asked to participate in the process and in doing so to gain from the knowledge and activity such a collective endeavour brings.

A few questions and provocations from the discussion on the 23 November to prompt thinking and planning: –

When considering these questions, there are three initial observations

At the Forum meeting in Rotherham on 15 December, partners are invited to collectively devise the action plan that will enable the creation of a knowledge ‘heat map’ for the North; what do we want to know, what’s the purpose of knowing; how are we going to acquire the knowledge; and how are we going to use it?