Beccy Kennedy, Alnoor Mitha & Leon Wainwright


Triennial City: An Introduction


Triennial City: Localising Asian Art, Cornerhouse, 2014

Institution of corresponding author

Manchester Metropolitan University

Corresponding author

Alnoor Mitha


Fine art, curation, Asian art, regeneration, urbanisation, globalisation, multi-national communities

Catalogue entry

The researchers are interested in the exchange of perceptions of urban growth in Manchester and Asian countries, especially those with a past commercial or trading relationship with Manchester.

In this introductory chapter they set out the background to the series of Asia Triennial exhibitions organised in Manchester since 2008. They discuss the objectives of the organisers and how these interact with the plans and attitudes of the cities in which the art is made, and specifically how they reflect their respective perceptions of urbanisation and globalisation.

The chapter concludes that the task of building genuinely reciprocal relationships between artists and curators remains incomplete.

You will find this article useful in planning and executing interbtaional cultural exchanges.