Muslim Museum Initiative

Halifax, West Yorkshire

Contact, Mobeen Butt, Curator

The Muslim Museum Initiative concentrates on heritage, culture and art as opposed to skills training. It provides advice and encouragement to Asian and Muslim artists and is a network for those artists. Many have not had chances to develop their practice. However, through the Muslim Museum’s activities – two conferences a year, the gathering of oral histories and various online resources – more than 100 artists gain some exposure.

The Muslim Museum, based in the Halifax area, has been going for 4 years. During that time it has received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and has been productive in creating a space for artistic directors, funding bodies and individual practitioners to increase their understanding of Muslim culture and of the history between Muslim countries and the UK.

Although formal links have not been established with the HE sector, Cardiff University uses the Muslim Museum Initiative’s website for their ‘Introduction to Muslims in Britain’ course – without paying for the privilege – and students refer to the Museum’s productions.

There is room for growth in its relationships with HE, schools and the wider public as this year the Muslim Museum Initiative is developing projects on Gender, and on Cricket, exploring birth right and celebrating players born abroad who have played for Yorkshire.