The Site Gallery


Contact: Paula McCloskey, Director

The Site Gallery in Sheffield works with volunteers, many from Sheffield Hallam University, but the arrangement is informal and the volunteers arrive independently. Some of the Sheffield Hallam Fine Art students have also been involved in the Ambassador Scheme through which groups of 15 students select an Ambassador who might promote the shows of the Gallery and act as a link back to other students. This runs during term time and when most needed.

The Transmission Lecture Series, now in its 14th year, is a collaboration between The Site Gallery and the Fine Art Department at Sheffield Hallam University. A series of lectures or symposia, organised along a different them each year, welcomes a range of speakers including Platform alumni artists. The collaboration has also led to a series of books, printed portfolio and volumes of interviews/discussions. Last year’s theme was ‘Who is an artist?’

The Gallery is also currently supporting a doctoral student in Art.

The Gallery is also part of the Culture Education partnership which is seeking to develop better skills and training opportunities between arts organisations and educators.