The Philip Barker Centre for Creative Learning (PBBCL) is an outward facing centre, based within the Faculty of Education and Children’s Services at The University of Chester, that will advance the use and understanding of creativity, creative learning, pedagogy and creative practice over the course of the life cycle through the connection of the education, health and social care sectors with the arts and culture sector to collaboratively place creativity, creative practice, pedagogy and learning as a key part of working for these sectors.

Operating in collaboration with the cultural sector working inside and outside of the university the centre will co-design and co-deliver innovation projects to develop knowledge and practice at the vanguard of cultural and cross sector working. These innovation projects will work with participants in the education, health and social care environments to further develop practice and pedagogy, which will drive the learning of the centre, student courses and professionals. The PBCCL will seek to support the adoption of these new approaches in the working cultures within these professional sectors.

For information: Nick Ponsillo