Mark Slater


Locating Project Studios and Studio Projects


Journal of the Royal Musical Association, 141:1, 167-202

Institution of corresponding author

University of Hull

Corresponding author

Mark Slater


Music, project studios, placemaking, mobile technologies

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The researcher is interested in the influence of mobile technologies on the practice of improvisional music-making and how that relates to location and to specific places.

In this article he undertakes an extended study of the studio project Middlewood Sessions 2004-12. Drawing on a wide range of cultural theory, he explores the relationship between musicians and their influences, the places in which music-making took place, and the impact of the increasing portability of music production technology.

The study concludes that the interrelationships between aesthetic and technical factors more readily accommodates the project studio approach than does the professional studio.

You will find this article useful in documenting intangible aspects of music culture, and developing models of flexible music production.